A comprehensive guide to Jaipur

Staying in Jaipur

Hotel Ram Singh Palace – It very centrally located with economical price tag. My Review at TripAdvisor has got almost 70 helpful votes. Chk here – http://goo.gl/ZArY1g

Exploring Jaipur

Almost all tourist spots in Jaipur charges a visiting ticket for you as well for your camera (which at some place is costlier).

  • Best way to visit Jaipur is by hiring a taxi. The city is a vast and has average public transport facility. Also for visiting Nahargarh and Jaigarh, you would have to hire a taxi anyways, so better book beforehand. I have been to this city twice and believe me, its wise thing to do. An Indica costs around Rs1200 to Rs1500 for full day. You will also get some option for half day trip for Rs 800 something but again its a ‘No No’. I have no idea about bike hire option. But you can always explore it. Cycling – again a ‘no’ as city traffic is pathetic plus parking safety is a big concern.
  • Do not blindly flow the tour options provided by taxi operation. Bargain. Do include Chowki Dhani at the end.

City Palace – It is the home to his highness. Major part of the palace is converted in to museum and marriage hall. You can infact dine with royal family as well after paying a big chunk, although I am not sure. It is not advised to hire a guide here.

Entry fees – INR 75 (Indians), INR 300 (foreign nationals) & INR 100 (Camera)

PS: Photography is not allowed inside the museum.

Jaipur-9 Jaipur-6 Jaipur-12

Jantar Mantar – Just beside city palace, it’s a must visit. Hire a guide. For photographers, it’s a place with infinite framing possibility.

Entry fees –  INR 40 (Indians), INR 200 (foreign nationals) & Free for Camera.

Amer Fort – Amer fort is by far most preferred destination of any tourist and I don’t deny this fact. It is around 10 Km from main city. Buses and autos ply to and fro but again I would suggest booking a taxi for full day. You can spend 4 to 5 hours easily and still won’t get bored. It also houses a CCD and a boutique. Hiring a guide a strongly suggested.

Entry fees – INR 25 (Indian) INR 200 (Foreign Nationals). I am not sure about camera charges.

PS: Do not shop at its vicinity and do eat kulfi just outside the exit (a hawker on cycle)

Jaipur-48Jaipur-63 Jaipur-69

Jaigarh and Nahargarh Fort – Both of these forts are on hill top and offer excellent panoramic views. Jaigarh houses largest cannon and connects Amber with a tunnel, which not yet fully explored. Nahargarh is further at higher altitude. I would suggest you to visit it during sunset. This fort is a sort of maze and has I don’t know how many room. Perfect location for clicking some good portraits and HDRs.

Entry fees –  INR 25 (Indians), INR 75 (Foreign Nationals) each. Camera – free.






Hawa Mahal & City Market – Of course how can I forget Hawa Mahal. But honestly its not that magnificent compared to the grandeur of the market around it. Colors and delicious smell all around, eat wherever you want and it will be worth it. Usually Hawa Mahal closes down after 5 pm, I suppose. There is nothing better than walking along the Hawa Mahal and poking around the shops there

Jaipur-1 Jaipur-16

There is extra ordinary fellow, Tikam Chand who sits just infront of Hawa Mahal with old rickety Carl Zeiss ‘lensed’ more than 150 years old camera. He clicks passport size vintage style B&W images at cost of Rs 200 but will explain you every bit of process involved. Totally worth it.  Contact him at +91-9828072800/ 9324715885.

Raj Mandir Cinema Hall – A cinema hall dating back to 1976 and still running, it is nothing short of a palace.

There are many other beautiful places in Jaipur which I couldn’t visit but I will someday and update it here.

Chokhi Dhani – It’s a must visit place. Usually opens at 5pm. It’s a tradition Rajasthani Village styed theme park and is totally worth it. Change is like Rs 1000 for two. Its in outskirts of Jaipur so I would suggest you to combine it with city trip and hire a taxi for whole day. It is much more economical in that way. More about this place in ‘Eating in Jaipur’ section.

Eating in Jaipur

Any Poha Stall – If you are in Rajasthan, you better not miss poha. Just eat at any clean roadside stall. There are many near sindhi bus stand.

Kanji sweets near the bus stand and at LMB, Johri Bazar – Specialty is the breakfast.

Rawat sweets near bus stand – For Rawat Kachodi and Ghewar. They are just out of this world. In fact, whenever I visited Jaipur, I got Kachodis packed for my office people in Delhi.  Rest other stuffs are amazing as well. I won’t recommend a meal over here.

Lassiwala – On MI road, there numerous Lassiwala but the original one is Shop no 312. All others are result of breakaway from ‘The real Lassiwala’. The mouthwatering lassi is served in clay pot. Also make sure to show up early as their stock finishes up real quick. I would recommend you to have it after breakfast at Kanji. Just ask your taxi driver.

1135 AD – Its owned by the Royal Family, I was told. Be warned its very expensive but worth every penny. Its counterpart in Jodhpur and Udaipur is equally good (my favorite is that is Jodhpur though). Located inside Amber Fort, its ideal place for lunch. Check out their Zomato page. http://www.zomato.com/jaipur/1135-ad-amer

Chokhi Dhani – As mentioned, this place is not to be missed. Jaipur trip is never complete with visiting this place. Unlimited food and with the way the serve it, you will end up eating way much more than you usually do. Although they will serve you everything on their menu but daal bhati and amazing churma, magical it is.




Mamu’s – They serve Mexican, , Chinese, Italian, Continental and Amazing Coffee. It is located at Ashok Marg (Shop No 9, Block 0)

Aunty’s Café – My favorite of all. The menu contains almost everything. Don’t go by the shady look like just another street side restaurant. Believe me just eat there and you won’t stop ordering. Located near Nigam Chaat Bazaar, Sarojini Marg, MI Road. Also do eat some Chats if you are in Chat Bazzar.

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