Shimla – Dos & Don’ts for Solo Traveler


  1. Travel in toy train from Kalka. Try for shivalik exp which leaves Kalka at 5 30 in the morning and Shimla at 5 in the evening. It is well connected with Howrah-Kalka exp, doesn’t leave unless any of the connecting train has arrived. Himalayan Queen is the other train which leaves Kalka at 12 15 noon. Travelling in locals in not advised. Trains take 4-5 hours while it takes only 2-3 hours by road but still train travel is recommended. Totally worth it. If don’t have confirm ticket, talk to TTE or attendant
  2. Get in touch with 2-3 hotels before confirming anyone and do it beforehand. Main season starts from mid-October to Jan/Feb. Just a week before that you can get a double bed room in just Rs 400-500. During tourist season better try for YHAI hostels which would cost you around 700 per night (double bed)(Although I didn’t find it good enough). Single dormitory are also available at much cheaper rate. Again Book it beforehand.  Do try Apple Blossom (Himachal Tourism) resort. It’s wonderful and serene but advised only for couples.
  3. Walk. Shimla is not a big city and walking around is fun. The Mall and Lakkarbazar are major spots but don’t forget to explore more.
  4. Click. For photographers (street and nightlife abstracts), it’s a dream destination. Just roam around and keep capturing
  5. Have a coffee and snacks at INDIA COFFEE HOUSE. A must. Coffee is awesome. Try espresso, it’s not a black coffee a/c to their dictionary
  6. Shopping. For girls, it’s a paradise. Woolen clothes (esp. stoles) can amaze you.


  1. Don’t go there all alone (unless you are travelling enthusiasts). Friend’s company can multiply the pleasure manifolds and girlfriend can take it to infinity ;)
  2.  Don’t overstay. Shimla deserves just 1 night and 1 full day. Combine it with kullu or Manali.
  3. Avoid kufri (a major tourist attraction) when it’s not snowing. Again you can avoid tourist buses taking to various POINTS during this time.
  4. Naldehra is a strict NO. Tour operators will press at this location as one beatiful point. Its not. Plus its far.
  5. Don’t overpay. Bargain for everything

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