Things to Carry for SARPASS trek

Bulleted below is comprehensive list of requirements for SARPASS trek –

  • RUCKSACK (Although YHAI provides one but they are useless)
  • Cotton t shirts Shirts and Track Pants (no jeans) – Keep an extra pair unused till the last climb
  • Towel(light one)
  • Wollen Jackets (Don’t compromise on this)
  • Thermals – Must
  • Monkey Caps – Must
  • Good Gloves – Must

  • Socks (6 pairs)
  • Under garments (5 pairs) – No Boxers
  • Shoes – Quechua(Don’t compromise here. Buy it from Decathelon in India)
  • Goggles – Must
  • Good Poncho or Rain Coats – must
  • Lunch Box,Water Bottel, spoon, toilet roll & Sanitiser (U will know why)
  • Water Purifying Tablets – I didn’t carry it though
  • Torch – Must
  • Multi Point Connector – For base camp (leave it afterwards in base camp safe house)
  • Sleepers (for base camp)
  • Copy pen – in case you are a travel blogger  / Harmonica – in case anyone in your group plays it. We had Himanshu in our group
  • Pain relief Spray, Band Aids, Basic Medicines and Dettol – Must (Distribute it among groups)
  • Dates, and Chocolates
  • Plastic bags – MUST
  • Camera with spare battery – Yes you can carry DSLR. I did
  • Safety Pins
  • Deodorants – You must carry one in group
  • Fewi Quick
  • Wire – for drying out those socked clothes in tent
  • Good Suns Screen, Lip Guard & Moisturizer – Must
  • Hat – If you want to 😉
  • Filled and attested Medical Form , Membership Card,  Admit Card
  • Rubber Bands
  • Tooth Brush, Paste / mouth wash

Please don’t ignore things which needed for your safety and medical emergencies.

NOTE: No need to carry everything on your own. If traveling in group, distribute responsibilities and make a google sheet to keep a check. We did the same.

Chk list
Mail me if you want this sheet (

Best of luck!!! I am sure you are going to have an amazing time 🙂

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