What you need to know before traveling to Bangkok from India

Congratulations for your decision to visit Thailand. Here is a comprehensive list of things which you should keep in mind before leaving India –

  • Money exchange – Certain minimum amount of Thai Baht needs to be carried for getting clearance at airport. The best way would be carry 50 % cash, use credit card wherever possible and take out rest of required cash from ATM (they will give you best exchange rate. Do the calculations. Consult the Bank). DO NOT EXCHANGE you money on airport or while in Thailand. They will give you worst deal.
  • Do keep the print out of return tickets. I would say at least two copies. It is required while getting clearance in Indian airports as well as VISA on arrival counters
  • There are two ways of getting visa – one from India and other is visa on arrival. Visa from India has a stay period up to 2 months (can be extended as well) while visa on arrival has 15days validity. (check here for more details on VISA on arrival)
  • Hotel Booking – It is better to pre book your hotel stays everywhere from booking or Agoda. There are many deals available. These sites generally block the amount from credit card and return it after you pay cash at checkout counter.
  • DO NOT pre-book scuba diving. Just go to any agent in Phuket bargain. It would cost you as low as 1000 baht
  • You do not need to carry a bag full of luggage. Travel light. Buy there if required. Its cheap country
  • Take window seat on plane. The view while landing in Bangkok is amazing.


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