Kasol – A bundle of Joy

If you ask me about the happiest place I have even been to in India, the answer would be Kasol without any second thought. It’s a perfect ‘go and do nothing’ destination. Kasol is a small town with more tourists than locals, tourists who came here and never left. Such is the magic.


Reaching Kasol

Kasol is almost 40 km from Bhuntur which happens to be on Delhi-Manali highway. Generally direct bus is not available from Delhi. Take a drop off at Bhuntur and hop on another bus to Kasol (45 minutes ride). Private taxies also available which are a bit costly. Wake up early in the morning while on bus to see the river flowing alongside the road. The road and valley an hour before reaching Bhuntur is amazing. Wish I could hop on the roof of the bus.

Staying in Kasol 

We stayed in YHAI tents as Kasol happened to be our base camp but there are many home stays (as low as Rs 150), resorts and hotels to accommodate all but not many to make it commercially crowded. I would suggest booking a camp or home stay beside Parvati River. You can anyway go to costlier resorts with river facing restaurant to spend your day. Nobody says anything. I won’t suggest pre booking.

Exploring Kasol

Our group

A walk from one end to other end of town takes less than 30 minutes of casual walking. You actually don’t require any exploring guide. My favorite destination was riverfront and favorite past time was staring at the ever flowing river. The very air of Kasol makes you high.

Thats my college roommate

There is absolutely nothing I can think of to describe the pleasure of just aimless roaming around. Head towards any direction and you won’t feel lost.


It is around 4-5 km from kasol. We walked till there. You can do too. Its a pilgrimage centre for Sikhs and has an adjoining temple as well. The major attraction is hot water spring. The hot water is diverted in to a bath pool area which not very clean but then who cares.

Smiles all around

 Sheela Village

Its a small village of 20 odds houses. One has to trek for about one and half hour to reach there. Locals are very friendly and helpful. Although there is no hotel/homestay as such but anyone will be more than willing to provide you a stay for a nominal amount. The view from village is amazing. The place is perfect place for staying for 3-4 days. Went there in early summer I wonder how the winters would be. kasol-6 kasol-8Want to stay in sheela village, I have got some contacts for you –

  • Contact Person – Amarnath, Dist – Kullu, Village – Sheela, P.O. – Barshani, District – Kullu PIN- 175105 (they don’t have a phone number)
  • Contact Person – Prem Nath, S/O Shri Krishnan Singh, Village – Sheela, P.O. – Barshani, District – Kullu PIN- 175105. Phone number – 9736629867
  • Call Jaichand – 09805288380

Eating in Kasol

You just enter in to any cafe, Bakeries and you won’t be disappointed. Some of the names which I recall is  cafe Gungun, and Cafe Shiv Mama. There many maggy and momo joints The place is known for cannabis. Its is growing everywhere. Don’t believe me, check this picture – kasol-7 O yeah!!! Police doesn’t interfere much and nobody will confess selling it. Everything is at peace. Boozing is also not a problem, cafes charges very less premium for a serving in open air river facing restaurants. kasol-7

One Final Suggestion

Make sure you don’t litter and respect locals and their faiths

7 thoughts on “Kasol – A bundle of Joy

  1. […] Now it was the time to enjoy Kasol. There are many good riverside restaurant, bar and bakery (Try some Israeli food). All you would like to do is to enjoy the serene nature with a pint of beer. I found Parvati valley very divine. You will find more travelers than locals. Manikaran is just 10 km from Kasol. Do visit the place for a rejuvenating hot bath coz for next seven to eight days, you would barely get the chance to do so. And that’s how we managed to avoid the acclimatization part and enjoyed best of Kasol..Here is my post on Kasol. […]


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