Send the blog posts to your Kindle

You own a kindle, congratulations!!!
It is an amazing gadget.

Here is how you can send the articles on my blog to your Kindle device or to your kindle app on andriod/iphone

Sending articles to your Kindle device, one click at a time!

Follow the steps mentioned in the above link and you’ll be done.

I got stuck a bit on one step which I will clarify it here.

In this step just pick “Send to my Kindle !” and drop it at you  bookmark tab. Its a bookmarklet.

Now surf any article. Like this one –

​Just click on “Send to my Kindle ” in bookmark tab (highlighted). And you are done

The bookmarklet will extract and send the article to you kindle.

Hope this will help 🙂


I found out lately that Amazon has also similar chrome/mozzila extension as well as desktop application to send file to Kindle

Here is the link  


These doesn’t work with home page of any website such as quora. If I happen to find any way to send stuffs like quora answers to kindle, I ll update it here.

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