Harihar Fort

Its been more than a month since I shifted to Mumbai, but hardly I could find a place for my lungs to breathe. The city is lively but the roads are too packed for cycling, the local parks are too small for running and government swimming pools are too crowded to book a slot. I was badly in need for some ways to burn a bit of accumulated fat. Mumbai Hikers provided me with some worthy options. Infact some of the options are totally unheard of in India like camping on a cliff or in a floating tent.

I chose weekend night trek to Harihar fort in Tramkeshwar Range. It was being conducted by Brahmati 365 trekkers with nominal fees of INR 900. The camp organizer Amey provided enough information about every leg of the trek. The schedule was to reach Kasara railways station by 1:30 am and thereafter proceed to base village along with the group. We caught a crowded fast local to kasara at Dadar at 11:05 pm and reached Kasara by 1:20 am. Most of the group members had boarded the same train which happened to be the last local to Kasara. Amey has already made all the arrangements. Packed foods were distributed and group was asked to board a jeep to base village. Everything was right on schedule.

The ride was very bumpy one but the destination was absolute calm and pitch dark. I could see the Milky Way from naked eyes. I had carried tripod but forgot the mount. Too bad, I could have captured some beautiful pictures. Anyways we started off our trek at 4 am. The trek till fort base is easy but main leg of trek is climbing those almost vertical stairs up to the top. I won’t call it tough though. One just needs to be a bit careful.   IMG_20150524_062030 IMG_20150524_062904

climb In the fort there are a couple of caves, a storage house, water tanks, a pond & a temple atop the fort. The top offers a birds eye view of the entire region. I am sure this view would be even better during monsoons.   IMG-20150525-WA0019 IMG-20150525-WA0022 group

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