Malsej Ghat

Ever imagined traveling on a road overdosed with greenery all round, multiplied with soothing rains and a pinch of hide and seek playing mist and no traffic hassles; Won’t that be one of best idea for a road trip? Malsej ghat, a mountain pass in the heart of Western Ghats is one such place.
Almost all of Sahyadri is draped with eye pleasing greenery during monsoons, making it one of the best travel destinations in India during rains and Malsej ghat is no exception. Countless waterfalls, overwhelming mountain passages and drizzle, which defies gravity, is what gives this place its unique flavor.

Reaching Malsej Ghat

Malsej is around 150 kms from Mumbai towards northeast (around 3 hours ride by car) and can easily be covered in a day trip. We booked an Innova for a day at INR 13/ km (driver and toll charges extra) and the total amount came around INR 4000. The roads are smooth, less crowded and the surrounding is lush green with leaves still drenched with night’s rain.

Dos & Don’ts

  • As the cliche goes, the journey is important than the destination, don’t rush to the destination, there are few nice spots en-route like these –
    DSC_0396 DSC_0421
  • If you are traveling in monsoon, take an extra pair of cloth and umbrella. Weather is very unpredictable and you’ll be soaked before you find the nearest shed.
  • Carrying a DSLR? Make sure you carry a good bag with rain cover and don’t forget to properly clean it after returning back.
  • Pack enough snacks to munch during your ride, there ain’t many eateries on the roadside.
  • While driving to Malshej Ghat, pullover to buy local fruits and boiled corns. It’s delicious.
  • The vast plateau near MTDC resort has the best view and is least crowded.

Staying in Malsej

MTDC resort with 20 odd rooms is the best option but mostly it is unavailable on weekends. The manager told us that the booking for monsoon is done as early as in January. The rates are very reasonable. The hotel restaurant during lunch time is overcrowded and is more like a hostel mess. The quality of food is not different either.

malsej blog snapshot

There are few other hotels and homestays nearby but are not worth taking.

Here are few more pictures from our trip –

DSC_0456 DSC_0326 DSC_0464 DSC_0467 DSC_0496


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