Camping by the brook

It had been quite some time now since I bought quechua arpenaz XL tent but haven’t been able to put it to use. The whole purpose of the purchase was to do laid back barbeque camping, so when Bhramanti 365 organized a leisure camping somewhere near Panvel, I readily signed up for it.

I don’t actually remember the exact place but as per my best judgement, its was somewhere to the marked place in the map (refer snapshot below – highlighted in yellow) between panvel and gadheshwar dam   –


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To be honest, there is nothing great about this place, just a narrow countryside river with a weir dam to create an impoundment waist deep lake and a small clearing ideal for camping.

We reached the place by late afternoon, pitched our tent, quickly changed in to swimming self and jumped into river. The river was waist shallow in patches and we preferred to restrict ourselves to the part only. Although the water was not at all close to cleanliness standard but when the sun is in its prime, one is least bother about it.

The best part of the camping was barbeque arrangements made by hosts. The menu included chicken, paneer, tomato, capsicum and potato; all in ample amount, perfectly marinated and ready to be bbqed. In addition to it, main course included fish curry, chicken curry, mushroom curry, rice and tawa roti. That’s not it, the offerings in breakfast included Bread-butter-jam, tea, bhujia, cake bread, and bhel.

I would definitely recommend this outing to all.

Few DOs & DON’Ts for the trip –

  • Pack swimming costumes esp. cap and goggle
  • Don’t venture into deeper side of river
  • Carry your own tent if you want some privacy
  • Carry torches
  • In case you are planning to travel by local trains, keep a check on mega blocks of harbor line
  • Carry extra band-aids and necessary first aid






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