My Friend Deepu !!!

Planning to visit Spiti Valley?

Looking for an experienced driver?

And a comfortable ride?

Your search ends here. Meet Deepu. He has more than 12 years of driving experience in Spiti Valley and owns an Innova.

I found him to after dozens of calls to drivers listed on Devils on Wheels website. Most of them either were charging me more than my planned budget or did not have Innova. Vinkhal fulfilled all my criteria but he was already booked. He, however, promised to provide a good Innova driver in agreed rate.

It was only after I made him the advance booking payment, he introduced me to Deepu. I communicated my itinerary to him and asked him to come directly at the airport to which he readily agreed.

Deepu is average calm composed pahadi guy from old Shimla having more than 12 years of experience of riding in the hills. The Innova which he owns is although more than 6 years old but he has maintained it so well that it can give new ones a run for the money. The best thing about him is his driving skills. When we were returning from Chandra Tal to Manali, he was leading more than five vehicles helping each of them cross the stream (which included driving their vehicles at times as well). Above all he has is his amazing collection of Hindi + Punjabi songs well segregated as per mood.

Want to book him?

Reach out to him on +91 9418150281 / +91 9318803181 or to Vinkal at +91 9459262520 / +91 9805473522 




We were at this place – All thanks to the guy in the frame (Pic : Aakash)
IMG_20160626_142000 (1).jpg
Selfie with Deepu (in blue Shirt) after end of the trip






4 thoughts on “My Friend Deepu !!!

  1. […] Convincing folks for the trip was easy. Of course some of them ditched and at the end we were a group four. Next transportation, Innova is always my choice of transportation. Got few numbers of Innova owners/drivers from Devil on wheels blog.…called up Vinkhal, who in turn introduced me to Deepu as he was already booked. Deepu was seasoned driver of the region driving the region from past ten years. After my trip once thing I can say for certain is that he one of the most patient driver I have seen. Read more about him here […]


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