Cute little town of Albany

Albany was our second destination on our road trip to South Western Australia. The weather was gloomy when we arrived but it gradually started clearing up from the next day. Thank heaven 🙂

Before coming to this town, I picturized it as a small town with colonial era structures and a couple of pretty beaches. I was wrong, it had it all and a way lot more.

Place to visit


The town is blessed with some of Australia’s finest beaches.

  • Middleton Beach – Middleton Beach is the closest beach to town so is Albany’s most popular beach.
  • Salmon Holes – This beach is a beauty which is a beast. Stunning beautiful but with roughest waves I have ever seen. The beach is part of Torndirrup National Park meaning you will need to buy the ticket before stepping on to the beautiful staircase leading to the beach (stairway to heaven).
    Note: Read the signs and be aware of the surges.
  • Frenchman Bay: It is on the other side of the Salmon Holes and contrastingly very calm. The beach is ideal for unwinding after a travel-some day. It even has a beautiful picnic area with barbecues
  • Gonde Beach: On the left side of Frenchman Bay, and is mostly empty. We came here before Frenchman but since it was facing east so was in shades. Hence we left for the later
  • Waychinicup Inlet – We heard this place perfect for kayakers but since it not accessible by caravans so we skipped it.


Marvelous Middleton


Salmon holes

Peaceful Frenchman Bay

Bike ride – Middleton Beach to Emu Point:

A beautiful 8km return coastal path from Middleton Beach to Emu Point passes through wetlands with beautiful lookouts with excellent panoramic views and bird watching areas. You can easily hire a bike and roam around. There few longer cycling routes in Albany as well. Google it out.



National ANZAC Centre

On 1 November 1914, the first convoy of Australian and New Zealand troops departed for the First World War. This monument is built to honour them. It opens 9 AM and last entry at 4 PM.

Whale World

This museum is just beside Frenchman Bay and is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. The place, a testament to Humans’ stupidity,  never interested me. So we decided to spend more quality time on the bay itself


Walk along the Kalgan River

Luke Pen Walk is a beautiful walk trail, alongside the Kalgan river. Find more detail about it here

The Brig Amity 

This the full-size replica of the of the original vessel which brought the first white settlers to Western Australia in 1826

IMG_7596 (1)

The Albany Wind Farm

We wanted to visit this place but were running short on time.

And of course the most beautiful Two Peoples’ Bay

The natural reserve is around 35 KM drive from Albany and is famous for Little beach. Click on the link below for a detailed post:

two peoples bay

Place to Eat

Three Anchors Restaurant 

Located just beside the Middleton beach. Its a brilliant place for sumptuous breakfast.

White Star Hotel

With good beers on tap and live music, this a place to go for a lovely dinner. Craft beers from the Albany Brewing Company are worth a shot.

Dos & Don’ts

  • The beaches are known for surprise surges and king waves even at calm times. It is powerful enough to sweep people from rocks or beaches. Be careful.
  • Pay for the entry charges on the swiping machine in nature reserves (even if no one is there to check)
  • If you plan to cook in Emu Point’s kitchen, please note that it’s a silent zone area 10 PM. And if you, like us start your cooking post 10, please ensure you are making bare minimum sound and all the windows of the kitchen are closed 🙂


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