Two Peoples bay

Albany is one the most beautiful cities I have ever been to. It is blessed some of the most stunning beaches of the southern hemisphere: beaches with turquoise water, white sand, large waves, and huge rocky terrain cutting through the ocean. Picture perfect !!!

Albany has three nature reserves and Two People’s Bay is the most famous one. I had no idea that it would so vast and pretty. People usually come here for weeks and we had just kept half day for it.

Two Peoples’ Bay

It is located 35 kilometres east of Albany. The natural reserve has three beautiful beach, a walking trail, many camp grounds, picnic areas, and public toilets.

The bay’s most famous attraction is Little Beach


It only little in size and name, but definitely not in beauty!


We loved every bit of our time here.




Waterfall beach:

A hidden gem. Wish I would have known about this place earlier :(. Please don’t miss a chance if you happen to be around. It a short walk through the bush from the south side of Little Beach. If you are lucky enough you can have the whole beach to yourself 😉

Other notables places are:

  • Heritage walk trail
  • Sinker Reef: Only with 4WD vehicles

Important Information

  • The beaches are known for surprise surges and king waves even at calm times. It is powerful enough to sweep people from rocks or beaches. Be careful.
  • Pay for the entry charges wherever asked for
  • Little beach for early birds. The parking space is very limited. 

little beach caravanUs with the beast

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