Valley of Giants

Walpole has large forest cover and its vegetation mostly include karri, Marri and Tingle trees. These trees are giants, towering up to 75 meters tall with a diameter of 25 meters. Giants right? And there is an army of them.

You know whats even better, the authorities have built a massive suspension structure among these forest scaling up 40 meters height called The Tree Top Walk


The tree top walk is a series of lightweight steel trusses forming a 600 meter circuit over the valley.


Among the ‘giants’




After descending from the Tree Top Walk, we took another shorter walk: Ancient Empire Walk, amongst the red tingles. Some of these giants are over fifteen metres at its base.



Important information:

  • Prices – Tree Top Walk entry prices:- Adult $21, Child: $10.50 (6-15 years), Family: $52.5 (2 adults 2 children), Concession: $13.50 (price as on April 2017
  • Timings – Open 9am to 5pm every day of the year except Christmas Day or during extreme weather (lightning or very windy conditions). Last ticket sale is at 4:15 PM. Website


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