5 trekking hacks that you must know

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1. Ranger roll packing

This is something which I learned during my trek with Indiahikes, they call it ranger roll which nothing but Army roll. The ranger roll not only optimizes the space but also keeps clothes crease & wrinkle free. Click here to view

Since I am very lazy to do all this, I just roll my clothes and strap it with a rubber band. I carry a lot of rubber bands on the trek

2. Carry all medicines even at the cost of fewer clothes.

You never know of a situation when you or your fellow trekkers might need it. If you are travelling in a group, don’t need to carry medical kits separately for each person. One medical kit with the necessary medicines will suffice. Here is a list of must-carry medicines:

  • Crocin or Combliflam  – Fever / Muscle Pain
  • Eno – Acidity 
  • A lot of ORS sachets
  • Roko – for loose motion
  • Ointment
  • Dettol 
  • Water Proof Bandaids
  • Cotton
  • Crepe bandages 
  • Avomine – For motion sickness
  • Allegra – for Allergy
  • Diamox – For altitude sickness. You have to complete the course though. Half a tablet daily. The course should be completed at the same altitude where started
  • General Stuffs – Lip-guard, Moisturiser, Sunscreen (SPF 50+), Odomos 

3. Always bring these friends – carabiners, duct tapes and binder clips

  • A carabiner is the most versatile thing on your trek. Clip it on your bag and carry bottles, wet sleepers, etc outside the bag
  • From temporarily sealing the leakages to treating blisters, a duct is most useful
  • Binder clips will let you hang your wet clothes off of your backpack

4. Always carry extra socks and extra undergarments

No will ever tell you this but trust me, you never know when you might be in need of it. Personal hygiene. Period.

5. Trek shoelace tying

Fed up of loose laces? Well, there is a way to tie your laces so that it doesn’t untie by itself. Here is the video tutorial of the same: Click here to view


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