Spiti – Dos and Don’ts for a solo traveler


  1. Travel as light as possible: The more you travel light, the easier it becomes for you to travel. Moreover, we always tend to pack much more than what actually is required or used by us on the trip. You don’t need to do that is Spiti, so pack your stuff wisely.
  2. Travel during season time that is June to September especially if you going solo. Off-seasons are definitely not for solo travelers
  3. Keep your family or friends informed your whereabouts and next couple of days plan. Trust me this is very important
  4. Choose your places of stay somewhere near the market so as to minimize day to day traveling requirements. Remember there are no public transports. In my experience, homestays are always better than hotel/hostels. Homestay give you a chance to interact with locals and explore their culture and food plus you will get expert guidance on your balance tour of the region
  5. If you traveling via a public mode of transport, keep a check on timings of the buses. At times, you might have to wake up as early as 5 AM to catch the first bus
  6. Must Carry Along With You
    1. Medicine and First Aid Kit
    2. Personal ID card, medical card, and emergency contact details
    3. Sufficient cash – even if you plan to travel cheap
    4. Toilet tissues
    5. A big water bottle



  1. Don’t overstay at one place. Spiti valley has a host of places to offer
  2. Don’t roam around at night especially in the areas know to have wildlife visitors
  3. Don’t go for a trek in Kibber region or anywhere for that matter without a local guide. People have disappeared while doing that
  4. DO NOT LITTER. carry your own garbage and dispose of them in bins wherever available


Read my complete travelogue of Spiti circuit here


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