Cloakrooms in Mumbai

A cloakroom is something that every traveler need once a while and becomes a necessity in cities where you are just transiting

You certainly can’t take your baggage everywhere.

man and woman walks on dock
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Well here are the lists of place in Mumbai where you drop your baggage at a very reasonable rate:

  • Chhatrapati Sivaji Maharaj Airport, Mumbai
    • International terminal: Near Integrated Exit
    • Domestic terminal: Arrival Hall Exit Ramp

You can also avail the benefit of depositing luggage at Domestic Terminals and collecting them at the International Terminal and vice versa

  • Indian Railway Stations in Mumbai:
    • CSTM Railway terminus: Near entrance of platform no. 13 (mainline and not local station)
    • Mumbai central station: Near platform no. 1
    • Dadar railway station: Near the entrance

To avail cloakroom facility you need to have a valid confirmed ticket. The rates are very cheap: Rs.20 per piece of luggage for the first day, then Rs.30every other day. I would suggest you lock your luggage properly before submitting it to the authorities. Also, keep sufficient time at disposal while submitting and collecting your baggage and the process can be painfully slow and tedious




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