Landour – the most beautiful memory of nothingness

I have been to numerous hill stations in India to be qualified enough to claim that Landour is like no other. Landour is like a childhood love that will bring a smile on your face every time you think of it. It is one of nature most beautiful paintings discovered by British and well preserved by locals.

The cantonment is located at around 7 km from Massorie but if you take an accommodation near Landour clock tower, it is just 3 km. You know why highlighted the fact of distance from clock tower? Well, the best way to visit Landour is on your own foot. Trust me on this. And since the paths in Landour are circular and you generally end up where you start from, you will only be lost in your thoughts 🙂

Let me also warn you that the hike from Landour Bazaar to Char Dukan is not easy. Although you can hire a taxi/bike from Massorie, I beg you not to do that. No one likes a speeding vehicle on the narrow quiet path. Hiring a bicycle is not a good idea either as you will not comfortable riding up or down the slope. So Walk 🙂

The hike from landour tower to Chaar Dukaan (there were actually four shops, now there are 6)  is around 2 km and takes close 1 to 2 hours of the hike on the cemented road. We loved every bit of it. The Char Dukan is where you must stop for breakfast-especially pancakes, wai wai noodles, and omelettes. From this point onwards the walk is pleasantly comfortable. I will let my pictures do the talking for you.


Walking clockwise on “Gol Chakkar” will first take you to Lal Tibba, then a small cemetery, Kellog Memorial Church, Sister’s Bazaar and finally ending again at Chaar Dukaan. Everything was wonderful but the best part of it was the walk with a bunch of best buddies. Walking was never this fun.

Some Dos and Don’ts

  • Landour has the highest density of dustbins, I have seen in a hill station. Use it.
  • Eat some amazing deserts at Landour Bakehouse and buy Prakash peanut butter from Anil Prakash Grocery store. Trust me, this is the best peanut butter you will ever taste
  • While returning from Chaar Dukaan, take the route beside the post office to Doma’s Inn. It is way shorter than the original rote (but not advised but ascend)
  • Use binoculars at Lal Tibba to a magnificent view of Himalayan ranges
  • Do check out Rokeby Manor, the most beautiful heritage hotel of the cantonment

Stay @ Landour

Let me warn you, Landour is costly to a stay but all the places that I checked for accommodation were magnificent. Some of the suggested ones are:

  • La Villa Bethany, a beautiful homestay
  • Rokeby Manor, an elegant heritage hotel with stone-and wood interiors and cosy rooms
  • Hazelwood, a comfortable homestay on Airbnb (97600 49414;
  • Doma’s Inn, a monastery kind of hotel which at the start of the hike in Ruskin Bond’s neighbourhood and most economical of all. I loved the food over here









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