The anatomy of houseboat stay in Dal Lake / Nigeen Lake

Dal Lake

While you were planning your trip to Kashmir, wasn’t deciding which houseboat to stay on, one of the most difficult choice to make especially when everything seemed so nice? Well, you are not alone. I also faced the same issue and not a single blog could address this issue.

So I decided to write one for everyone. I will first talk about the Dal Lake area and then about Nigeen Lake.


You won’t believe but Dal Lake is flooded with houseboats and each of these will proclaim to have the best location in terms of views. To be honest, all these are houseboats are cramped in one corner of the Lake (thank god for that) but of course some are placed better and some are not. I will talk about each of these areas one by one:

A: Most of the houseboat with amazing deals are stationed here. These houseboats face the entrance of Boulevard Road and roadside market. This is the most crowded portion of the lake. Avoid it.

B: The quietest portion of the lake but if you are someone who wants less noisy surrounding and is light on the budget, this is your spot

C: Good view with a lot lesser shikara traffic. This portion would fall in pocket-friendly but a decent category. Again you will get some good deals on these houseboats

D: Costlier but a much better view of the Lake

E: Best open view of the Lake. Some of the most famous houseboats are stationed here

Apart from these areas, some houseboats are stationed in far reach corner of Lakes which costs a bomb.

Here is some bonus fact about areas near Dal Lake:

walk on boulevard road

Here are some pictures to prove the statements made in the above picture. You be the judge:



Nigeen Lake

Nigeen Lake is neighbouring sister lake of Dal. It a lot less crowded and a lot more serene. It is a writer’s heaven and photographer’s muse. The Lake are some of the prettiest homestays. The houseboats here has fewer takers meaning these are a lot cheaper.


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