Tourist VISA for Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan tourist visa is one of the easiest to get if you are an Indian even easier than Bhutan (where you don’t need a visa but the process is tedious). There are two way to get Sri Lankan tourist visa

  1. ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization): Visa issued is a 30-day, double entry visa, issued to Indian passport holders via email in the form of an ETA by the visa authority of Sri Lanka. The visa process is completely online and requires no documents to be submitted
  2. Visa On Arrival: Fill a Visa form, show required documents and pay fees. A bit time consuming and costlier as well.

There is nothing much to explain for VISA on arrival process and as a matter of fact, I would not recommend you to go for that. ETA is simpler faster and cheaper. Here is a detailed process to get your ETA visa:

  1. Go to the link of ETA: Click here
  2. Fill in all the details that are required (need to keep your passport handy and one address of stay – use any hotel from Colombo for that)
  3. Make a payment of USD 20
  4. Wait for 5 minutes for the e-visa on your mail
  5. Get a print out of the e-visa

Points to note

  • E-visa is valid for only up to 30 days after which you can apply for an extension up to 2 months. For extension, you will have to visit the immigration department in Colombo
  • You can apply at any time before your travel but always keep a buffer of a week before your travel
  • Visa on arrival fee for Indians is USD 25
  • The citizens of Singapore, Seychelles, and the Maldives are exempt from the ETA and can get a visa on arrival free of cost for a short stay of a maximum 30 days

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