Money exchange – INR to Sri Lankan Rupees – Best Ways

Planning a trip to Sri Lanka from India? Confused about the exchanges? Well, you are not alone, I also faced same dilemma and learned from my mistakes. Hence this thing deserves a separate blog post.

Never exchange INR to SLR

You read it right, never convert Indian currency to Sri Lankan currency, no matter how good rate you are getting. It will never even match the three step conversion rate > from INR to US Dollars to SLR.

Now the question is how. Well, all you need to do is to get your Indian Currencies exchanged for US Dollars at the best possible rates and then get these US dollars converted in to SLR at the bank exchange counters at the airport itself.

Forgot to convert at the airport? Don’t worry, you will get comparable rate at all the currency exchange centers across Colombo

Don’t carry Forex Card

Forex card works well in places where the card acceptance is relatively higher but Sri Lanka is not the place for that. It might work in Colombo but it definitely won’t in other beach cities

Return/Sell all balance SLR currencies before you enter check-in area of the airport

Do it for three reasons:

  • It illegal to carry Sri Lankan currency outside the country
  • There are no exchanges after check-in counter
  • Even the duty free shops don’t accept SLRs

Bottom Line: Carry USDs

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