A quaint bungalow in the heart of Konkan

Want to spend a extended weekend in Konkan with your extended family of close friends in a comfortable bungalow and don’t want to pay a bomb? Well, I have got you covered here.

Madhur Smirti, a beautiful spacious 3 BHK house with large garden is perfect destination to unwind for a group. We stumbled upon this property when we were looking for alternatives of Diveagar, which off-late has started becoming very crowded. Although, the property, as the owner claims, is at a walking distance from from Harnai beach but the but that beach is a fishing beach. Palande beach, however, is much better and less than half a kilometer from the house.

Being close to a fishing beach has many other advantages, you can simple walk to the auction market and once the auction is over, buy the fish of your choice as much cheaper rate. The owner will be more than happy to arrange a barbecue for you. He even will get those fishes cooked in Konkan styles but if you want to cook yourselves, the house has a fully functional spacious kitchen.

Other place to eat in and on the way to Harnai

Petkar Bhonalaya: This place lies in the middle of nowhere and serves just just amazing food. There was waiting even at 2:30 PM and people just kept on pouring. Unlike us, I guess people know of this place. So don’t be me, here is location and its facebook page

Patil Khanwal: If you looking for good home cooked food (gharghuti as they call it), this is the place for you. Mr. Patil serve delicious chicken and fish thali but the size of fish are comparatively smaller. For cat lovers, this place has more than 10 cats

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