A day well spent at Kochi

It was a Diwali long weekend, and since we were not visiting our family – don’t judge me 😀 – we planned a long weekend trip to Kerala. Kochi was the first leg of the trip. We planned our stay around Fort Kochi, which takes about an hour and a half from the airport. As we were planning to spend just a day in Kochi, we had booked a very basic homestay to freshen up and rest the very night we reached. Since we did not have an itinerary in place, we quickly Googled ‘Things to do in Kochi’, and looked up a few places to roughly plan our day. We decided to walk around the area and explore as many cafes as possible.

Our Stay: Immanuel Home Stay

You can also stay at: Zostel, Kochi

Fort Kochi has some of the most beautiful cafes in the country. Mentioned below are some our must-do things that we would love to do it again.


Breakfast at Kashi Art Café

Beer at Armoury Café

Lunch at Fort House Restaurant

Pepper House

You can also explore:

Farmers Café, Qissa Café, Mocha Art Café, East India Street Café, TeaPot Café


Fort Kochi Beach

Chinese Fish Nets

Santa Cruz Basilica

Lanes of Fort Kochi

Don’t miss:

Sending post cards from Kochi Post Office to your friends and family

Devour the fresh catch and sea-food prepared as local delicacies

Loiter around the picturesque cafes

Shop at the local stores

And interact with the locals

4 thoughts on “A day well spent at Kochi

  1. You make your visiting city look wonderful. A great way to expand the beauty of her map. Cafes are always that sweet attraction that makes a city worthwhile visiting. We need these liquid and hot beverage books to catch our breath. Beautiful pictures, attractive to any tourist hoping or wishing to visit some day.

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