Diveagar (Dive Agar) is a serene coastal village in Konkan located in Shrivardhan Taluka, Raigad district in Maharashtra, approximately 170 kilometres south of Mumbai. The area includes a fishing settlement, a beach, a temple, local businesses engaged in coconut and betel nut tree farming, and some resort businesses such as restaurants, cottage rentals and motels, and… Read More Diveagar


The name ‘Pushkar’, literally means ‘lotus flower’ is one of the sacred Dhams (pilgrimage site) in Hinduism. For tourist like me, its place where colors and cultures come alive, where every grain of sand dunes has its own music, where no one will stop you from doing nothing or everything. According to the legend, Brahma… Read More Pushkar

Kaas Plateau

The best part of living in Mumbai is the plethora of weekend getaways it offers to travel enthusiasts. Some destinations are so obscure, resting amidst the wilderness of western ghats that one has to dig deep on the internet(got the irony! 😉 to unearth them. Kaas Plateau is one such place. Maharashtra’s very own valley of… Read More Kaas Plateau


Staying in Thimpu Thimpu has many hotels but only certain few are in the heart of city. Almost all travel blogs suggest Hotel Tandin in budget category. The rates now has been revised and current price for standard double bed is 1800 Nu. (1 Nu = 1 INR). The hotel has all the basic amenities… Read More Thimpu

Permit to Bhutan from Royal Bhutan Consulate, Kolkata

Update for getting an online permit (Dec 2017):  Response from Consul (Immigration), Royal Bhutanese Consulate General  Dear Mr. Vivek, With reference to your mail, this is to inform that currently, only passport holders can apply for permits online. The same must be routed through any Bhutanese travel agent or hotel registered with the Tourism Council of… Read More Permit to Bhutan from Royal Bhutan Consulate, Kolkata

2 Nights 3 Days Udaipur + Khulbhalgarh Itinerary

Pre-requirements – Carry camera Identity proof document other than PAN CARD Travel light, please 😛 DAY 1 Ask for a pick up for hotel from station/airport Leave for Khumbhalgarh by 10 am. Have POHA/PYAZ KACHODI for breakfast at Sukhadiya Circle. (Bhole Nath Nashta Center) AT KUMBHALGARH (via Ranakpur Jain Temple if possible) Ask the driver… Read More 2 Nights 3 Days Udaipur + Khulbhalgarh Itinerary

What you need to know before traveling to Bangkok from India

Congratulations for your decision to visit Thailand. Here is a comprehensive list of things which you should keep in mind before leaving India – Money exchange – Certain minimum amount of Thai Baht needs to be carried for getting clearance at airport. The best way would be carry 50 % cash, use credit card wherever… Read More What you need to know before traveling to Bangkok from India